Use the suggested words to make sentences

DANH SÁCH CÂU HỎIUse the suggested words to make sentences
Avatarnhất đã hỏi 4 năm trước
a, if/wood/not/smooth/plane
b, if/there/water/full/close/stop tap
c, if/there/not/any/water/tank/fill
d, if/pipes/blocked/unblocke
e, if/pipes/not/blocked/use
f, if/wires/insulated/touch
g, if/wires/not/insulated/insulate
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AvatarYoom H Surber đã trả lời 3 năm trước

a, if the wood isn’t smooth or flatten out, it isn’t a plane surface

b, if the bucket overthere is full of water the close or stop the tap

c, if there isn’t any water, then the tank cannot be filled

d, if the pipes are blocked, then you should unblock them

e, if the pipes aren’t blocked, you can use them

f, if the wires are insulated, you can touch them and not getting shock

g, if the wires aren’t insulated, then insulate them

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