Sentence Building

AvatarTrần Ngọc Quỳnh Như đã hỏi 2 năm trước
  1. Thanks /reply/quickly/my last letter.
  2. I/be/glad/you/able/put up/when/I/come/London
  3. You/must/surprised/receive letter/me
  4. I/really/look forward/see/again/after so long
  5. I/meet/someone recently/tell/you/take/job
  6. You/work/Brooks/long?
  7. I/think/should/go/unversity/instead
  8. Why/you decide/take/job?
  9. This time next year/I/finish/university
  10. Soon/I/have to/start/write/thesis
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AvatarThanh Hiếu đã trả lời 2 năm trước

1) Thanks for replying so quickly to my last letter

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