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AvatarYoom H Surber đã trả lời 1 năm trước

1When is your music lesson? – j) Six.
2 What day is it? – i) Tuesday
3 How many books are there in your bag? – h) 5
4 Who likes James? – d) Mary.
5 What time is your watch? – g) It is half past two.
6How are you? – b) Fine.
7 Where are the children? – e) In the garden.
8 When’s your father’s birthday? – f) In June
9 Why do you want a sandwich? – a) Because, I’m hungry.
10 Where is she from? – c) Germany.

AvatarNguyễn Phương Linh đã trả lời 1 năm trước

mk cũng đồng ý với câu trả lời của yoom

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