Circle the best answer A, B or C to complete each of the following sentences.

DANH SÁCH CÂU HỎIDanh mục đơn: Hỏi đáp khácCircle the best answer A, B or C to complete each of the following sentences.
AvatarNguyễn Thảo Hiền đã hỏi 3 năm trước
  1. Playing is one of the most common activities at recess in some Vietnamese schools.

    A. blind man bluff B. blindmen bluff C. blind man’s bluff D. blindman’s bluff

    2 In America some young people want to protect the environment, so they work on neighborhood campaigns.

    A. clear-up B. clean-up C. empty-up D. tidy-up

  2. Nowadays many young people are concerned ___ keeping the environment clean.

    A. at B. for C. about D. with

  3. My sister works in a local bank.

    A. part times B. part times C. part-time D. part time

    4 At five o’clock in the afternoon, Mrs Hien feeds the chicken. Then, she cleans the chicken .

    A. shed B. coop C. cage D. sty

  4. He learns how to ___ things in Electronics class.

    A. do B. work C. repair

  5. Collecting stamps is my favorite ___.

    A. past time B. pastime

    C. past-time D. past-times

  6. A magazine survey of 13 years olds shows ___ activities American teenagers like to do in their free time.

    A. ten top most popular B. top ten most popular

    C. most ten top popular D. most top ten popular

  7. A virus is so __ that it can be seen only with an electron microscope.

    A. imaginary B. irregular C. small D. infinite

  8. I didn’t care for the play because it ended so __.

    A. short B. suddenly C. slowly D. softly

  9. There are __ art galleries in this city.

    A. a number of B. a great deal C. a many D. lots

  10. We ___ to get the news.

    A. were surprise B. were surprised C. were surprising D. surprised

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1 câu trả lời
AvatarVăn Kha đã trả lời 3 năm trước

1 – C

2 – B

3 – C

4 – C

5 – C

6 – B

7 – C

8 – D

9 – A

10 – B

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