Chose the word which best complete each of the sentences

DANH SÁCH CÂU HỎIDanh mục đơn: Nhờ bạn bè giải bài tậpChose the word which best complete each of the sentences
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jason’s new book is interesting and useful. No wonder everyone is reading with ______
a. zest
b. rapidlity
c. irony
d. intensity
2. quite a lot of farmers in developing countries were _____ by natural disasters, They had nothing left
a. impoverished
b. threatened
c. victimized
d. exhausted
3. some back ward areas  in this country need ______ improvement
a. imaginative
b. delicate
c. conscientious
d. extensive
4. the judges’ decision is final, and the winner of the contesrt has been confirmed. Their decision is _____
a. well
b. irrevocable
c. unbearable
d. indecent
5. Is every bussinessman’s motive merely _____ and nothing else
a. malicious
b. workable
c. mercenary
d, revengeful
6. he has a lot in his bussiness and is now ______
a. flexible
b. ambitious
c. cowardly
d. insolvent
7. The small shop on that corner of the street is quite ___ to ordinary shoppers
a. reachable
b. inaccesible
c. obtainable
d. untouchable
7. lately, there has been a/an _______ rainfal, day and night. It has not occured before.
a. unprecendented
b. unjustified
c. peculiar
d. inspiring

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