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Bài 3: Hiện tại hoàn thành và quá khứ đơn
1, I….my Maths homework yesterday. (do)
2, ….Susan…..to England by plane? ( ever go)
3, They….a farm two week ago. (visit)
4,Jenny and Peggy…….their brother yet. ( not help)
5, The children…….at home last weekend. (not be)
6. When…you…..this wonderful skirt? (design)
7, My mother…….into the van yesterday. (not crash)
8, The boys………the mudguards of their bicycles last week. (take off)
9, ……you…….your aunt last week? (phone)
10, He,,,,,,,milk at school yesterday. (not drink)
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AvatarThế Thịnh đã trả lời 3 năm trước
  1. I did my Maths homework yesterday.
  2. Did Susan go to England by plane?
  3. They visited a farm two weeks ago.
  4. Jenny and Peggy did not help their brother.
  5. The children were not at home last weekend.
  6. When did you design this wonderful skirt?
  7. My mother did not crash into the van.
  8. The boys took off the mudguards of their bicycles.
  9. Did you phone your aunt last week?
  10. He did not drink milk at school.

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