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Hey guys, I need some help.

Please help me to choose the best answer.

  1. Dr. Sales is the person ……………

    A. in whom I don’t have much confidence B. I don’t have much confidence

    C. whom I don’t have much confidence in him D. in that I don’t have much confidence.

  2. James will only go to places………. are recommended by his friends.

    A. what B. where C. which D. how

  3. The dog,………… tail I stepped on, bit me.

    A. who B. whose C. whom D. which

  4. Mexico City, ____ has a population of over 10 million, is probably the fastest

    growing city in the world.

    A. which B. whose C. that D. A & B are correct

Tell my the reasonS. Thank you

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AvatarYoom H Surber đã trả lời 1 năm trước

1 C

2 C

3 B

4 A

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